08/09/17 – Will Yates-Johnson
08/09/17           Will Yates-Johnson 


Resin reinforced plaster with pigment
Each object is unique
Endless edition
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate

S-M-A-S-H-E-R comprises a group of three objects – Joel, Jacques and Jami – which expand on Will Yates-Johnson’s previous research into a manufacturing technique the designer has coined Polyspolia .

Polyspolia is a proposal for a new mode of production in which an object can be endlessly broken up and remade. Each of the objects in this edition are related – springing from the same core material which is shattered into fragments before being regrouped into a fresh composition. This is a process in which the waste from the production of the pieces can be infinitely incorporated into the next generation of objects.

Polyspolia is inspired by the geological formation of breccia – rock composed of disparate fragments that are fused together over millennia to form one unified whole in which each distinct element is still visible. Yates-Johnson’s edition mirrors this process through the use of pigmented plaster, which allows the history of each object to be read through its unique combination of colours.

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